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Regular Domestic Cleaning in E18 South Woodford

Marrying is easy – its housework that’s hard!

Housework usually consists of hundreds of cleaning procedures or other household chores that end with cleaning! Maintaining and keeping your hearth and home healthy and happy is actually a hard situation to deal with! The constant mess and dirtiness can be overcome with constant cleaning! Our regular domestic cleaning in E18 South Woodford is the suitable professional service for these needs! Housework is easy, when you have supporters next to you – just like the marriage!

Regular Domestic Cleaning is no longer your personal responsibility!

Regular domestic cleaning

Welcome to wonderland! Here, thanks to House Cleaning Services, miracles happen and cleaning will be performed without your personal efforts. Our company provides a full assistance in domestic cleaning. The greatest part is that the service is available for the entire E18 South Woodford area. Furthermore – the chance to have your home clean and neat all the time is just a phone call away.

Grab the phone and dial 020 3455 4300. House Cleaning Services is available all day long for your questions and individual requirements!

Clean, fresh, and sanitised – the house area of your dreams!

Regular domestic cleaning

Don’t you want to have it and to live in it? Call us right now on 020 3455 4300 or a get free quote through the e-mail! Order our professional service in E18 South Woodford and make a present to your family and to yourself! Save your free time for your career growth or your artistic hobby! Actually, do whatever you want!

Our experts need only your trust and your personal address in E18 South Woodford. Everything else is a duty from our cleaners’ characteristic. They are all perfectly trained, vetted and insured and they need only your key to transfigure the mess in your home into a hygienic and comfortable place to live in! You may choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visitation. Regarding the cleaning techniques and products, we work with the most revolutionary methods and the most harmless cleaning products!

  • General Cleaning – regular care and periodic cleaning of the home area! It includes mopping, washing the windows and the furniture, vacuuming, sanitising and disinfecting the surfaces and the worktops
  • Individual requirements – if you require, cleaners do the laundry and the dishes, change the bed linens, and clean the kitchen appliances.
  • Ironing – include ironing service in the procedure in E18 South Woodford!

You may also add some other individual instructions or demands! Do this by calling us on 020 3455 4300! Make sure you’ll take the best care of your home if you request our reliable domestic cleaning! Enjoy your neat and tidy home! Check out the super fair and affordable prices!

Regular Domestic Cleaning Prices:

We provide our convenient service on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

  • £11 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. Between two and four hours of cleaning.
  • £10.5 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. More than four hours of cleaning.
  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on fortnightly basis. Minimum three hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning detergents on regular basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.


  • Ironing service £11 per cleaner per hour on weekly basis. *
  • Ironing service £10.5 per cleaner per hour on weekly basis. More than four hours of cleaning. *
  • Ironing service £12 per cleaner per hour on fortnightly basis. *

Our one off cleaning is a thorough procedure, leaving fascinating results!

Cleaning services we offer in South Woodford: