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A clean home is a happy home! It’s the logic!

One off cleaning

Your busy schedule transforms you in a robot lately. Family, career, problems...everything altogether. It’s nearly impossible to find time for deep cleaning. As a result, you hoover and you sweep up a little on weekends and with these superficial procedures your cares for the domestic hygiene come to an end. If you don’t want to endanger the health of the whole family, you have to undertake some changes. And here is the best solution of your problem! Professional one off cleaning at House Cleaning Services. This convenient service is exactly for you. It will transfigure your home area into a pleasant and shining environment!

Make sure that our experts work hard to make you happy by returning your lovely home into a healthy and safe living environment! Rely on us and you will receive full customer service and perfect hygiene. Even if you haven’t performed the regular cleaning procedures since weeks, don’t worry! Your living area definitely needs a grand and deep cleaning, performed by our trained teams. It’s a thorough and top-to-bottom cleaning operation that includes overall tidying and cleaning of the entire house (or flat) or a specific premise.

“Better late than never.” Trust House Cleaning Services for exciting results!

The procedure is perfect for grand cleaning at home after a long period of neglect and abandonment. You can also book the one off cleaning service on 020 3455 4300, if a big and important event is ahead of you. Family reunions or common home parties demand perfect home environment, as well. House Cleaning Services is here to provide it to you in no time and in exchange of a budget-friendly cost.

Bear in mind that our cleaning procedures are safe, efficient, and the outcome is long-lasting! We use only the most modern and revolutionary cleaning techniques, while the detergents are entirely non-toxic, non-harmful and capable to eliminate the dirtiness and the cheeky stains!

Hit the bull’s eye and impress your guests thanks to our one off cleaning!

One off cleaning

Reach us on the 020 3455 4300 and ask your questions! Nothing is more important than healthy environment and a happy family in a lovely home atmosphere. Bringing the high level of hygiene back at home is the first step for achieving these goals. Feel free to express your special instructions, individual demands or obligatory requirements! Have no concerns – you will get all that you want! The best part is that the service is flexible and you can arrange it according to your budget and personal preferences:

  • Just give us the key to your house and with this your obligations end up. Everything else is left for the professional cleaners from House Cleaning Services. They will come straight to your home with the necessary cleaning equipment and the super efficient cleaning detergents!
  • You may also provide us the equipment and the cleansers. Our experts will do the hard cleaning job.
  • Leave your sweet home in our good hands and use the free time for walks or for your hobbies, while the cleaning teams are refreshing and restoring your living area!

And for dessert - affordable and exclusively competitive prices!

One off cleaning prices:

  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum four hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum six hours of cleaning.

You can also combine the One Off Cleaning with some other services! Ask for discounts and get the profits! Read more about our reliable Carpet Cleaning, for instance!

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