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15.05.13 - Charles

Thanks to your brilliant cleaning I received my tenancy deposit back! I feel really lucky!

22.04.13 - Abigail

Wow! My carpets have never been so refreshed and sanitised, thank you!

16.01.13 - Margaret

I have to confess that I am really exigent, but your regular domestic cleaning completely satisfies my needs.

26.11.12 - Jeremy

I’m so happy that I finally found the best cleaning service for me: your deep one off cleaning leaves stunning results.

05.11.12 - Victor

I have accepted the fact that I won’t get my tenancy deposit back, but you came and saved me.

08.09.12 - Louise

Thank you House Cleaning Services! You did a miracle with my stained and faded carpets!

27.08.12 - Patricia

Your reliable regular domestic cleaning gave me time for rest and meanwhile a flawless hygiene at home. It’s incredible!

16.08.12 - Gordon

I’m a very busy person and my home was a total mess. I learned for your convenient one off cleaning from your website. I use your help fortnightly and I enjoy a healthy and fresh living environment.

22.05.12 - Timothy

My landlord is a very strict person and I expected some problems during the property inspection. Just the opposite happened, thanks to House Cleaning Services. Your spotless finish charmed us both!

27.04.12 - Aileen

I was pretty sure that this delicate carpet must be thrown away! My best friend recommended to me your professional help. I took advantage of your dry carpet cleaning and the results were fascinating!

03.04.12 - George

My suede carpet was really dirty and I didn’t know how to deal with the grime. My mom told to rely on your professional dry carpet cleaning. She was right! Thank you for the amazing results!